Flatbed Hauling in Yuba City, California

When you choose flatbed hauling from D&H Transportation, Inc. in Yuba City, California, you can rely on our more than 40 years of driving and logistics experience. Our entire staff works hard to make certain your goods get where you need them as quickly as possible.

Material Transport

Flatbed trucks are excellent for transporting a broad range of building materials, including lumber, steel, and just about anything else that will load on a flat. Our trucking company hauls goods through the 11 western states as well as Texas. 

Scheduling a Pickup

The process starts with a credit application, and once you are approved, we will book your loads. You can then call in a load and provide a time and location for pick up, and we’ll be there. Our 48-foot flatbeds and doubles can carry  50,000 pounds, and we guarantee on-time delivery with every load.

Truck Cab, Flatbed Hauling in Yuba City, CA

Contact us in Yuba City, California, to learn more about our flatbed hauling services.